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Established in 2008, we have since successfully taught and developed our students from China through Chongqing Huaxin International Examination Centre, which is also the approved LCCI examination centre and provision of AEIS Singapore preparatory program. Upon passing the AEIS exam, the students have choices of enrolling themselves into various local government schools, private schools as well as International schools.
Our first Student Management Centre in Singapore, JD Alpha International Pte Ltd, further extends the care we offer to our foreign students who are continuing their studies in Singapore. Our continuous effort in providing a bright future to our students of many countries have led us to expand into Malaysia in 2017, establishing Mighty Star Learning Centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We believe that every child has the potential to learn and excel through our programs, and our mission to nurture them to become a Mighty Star, a competent learner and a champion in life.
In 2019, Mighty Star was given accreditation as EFL Test Centre where the level of English proficiency is brought to a higher level and accredited by the governing body from Canada. This will definitely assist all students in their English proficiency. Every students will be assessed at the end of each year to determine their academic progression.


我们在新加坡的学生监护中心JD Alpha International Pte Ltd进一步提供服务予正在新加坡深造的学生。我们不断地努力为许多国家的学生提供光明的未来,这促使我们在2017年扩展到马来西亚。在马来西亚新山建立了巨星学习中心。我们相信通过我们的计划,能够激发每个孩子学习和取得成就。我们的使命是培养他们成为“全能之星”,并且是个有能力的学习者和生活中的冠军。

在2019年,Mighty Star获得了EFL考试中心的认证,英语水平得到了进一步提升。这无疑将帮助较弱的学生改善他们的学业。在年终课程中将对学生进行评估,以确定他们的学习进度。

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