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EFL Program

EFL Program EFL PROGRAM (EFL Test Centre)

English as First Language (EFL) is an internationally recognized English Program specially designed for people of all circles – from students, educators to working adults or professional. EFL代表''作为英语第一语言'' ,是国际认可的英文课程。EFL课程个别设计给全方位群体 - 学生,踏入社会工作的成年人或是专业人士。
  • For students - Curriculum is based on Australian and Singapore form of education where English is taught as the first language. We practice 4 vital skills into the curriculum – Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening
  • For working adults and professional – provide a platform for those who seek to improve their communication and writing skills; be it in business letters, conversation or public speaking
    成人 - 为欲提高沟通和写作技能的群体提供一个学习平台,无论是商务信函,对话还是公开演讲。
  • For educators and career seeker – upgrade their language skills.
    教育工作者或是求职者 - 提升他们的语言技巧。
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